Montessori Farm Camp

Where the future is built on the past

Ox Hill Homestead has prepared a “hands on” Farm environment. Ox Hill Homestead is a 72 acre forest farm.  It is located outside Gaston, Oregon in a small picturesque valley called Patton Valley.   Montessori guides Kathi and Mike Tarnowski, along with their daughter Rachel Tarnowski, provide an atmosphere of love and respect for life as the foundation for the study of plants and animals.  The most impressionable lessons come from first hand experiences.  Nothing can substitute walking through the woods, listening to birds sing, milking a cow, collecting eggs, and taking part in the growth of garden plants.  Montessori Farm Camp will give the child a  nurturing, hands-on approach to animals, to plants, and to one’s self.
During Farm Camp 2019, beside our emphasis on the farm, animals, plants, and soil, we will continue our theme on “Forest Explorer”.  We will discover trees, leaves, bugs, soil,etc. from the forest floor to the top of the trees and the life that is there.  Dr. Montessori states, “There is no description, no image in any book that is capable of replacing the sight of real trees, and all the life to be found around them, in a real forest.  Something emanates from those trees which speaks to the soul, something no book, no museum is capable of giving.  The wood reveals that it is not only the tree that exist, but a whole, interrelated collection of lives.  And this earth, this climate, and this cosmic power are necessary for the development of all these lives.  The myriad lives around the trees, the majesty, and the variety are the things one must hunt for, which no one can bring to school.”

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Summer 2019 Schedule

Farm camp sessions run from 9am-4pm. Sessions 1-6 are open to children ages 3-11years.  Currently, all sessions are full for 2019. Please email us if you would like to be on an waiting list.  Montessori Farm Camp schedule for 2020 will be posted in February 2020.


Session Price: $230.00

Registration Fee:  $100.00

(Registration Fee is applied to tuition but is non-refundable due to cancellation)

Please call 503-985-3303 or send us a message for a registration form and session availability

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Please call 503-985-3303 or send us a message for a registration form and session availability Email Us